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Special Sessions

We are lucky to be able to offer two exciting special sessions with invited speakers from across a range of phycological disciplines:

  • Dominating the intertidal: The biology of fucoids Thursday 11am-1pm (Convened by Juliet Brodie and Christine Maggs)
    Large brown fucoids are such a familiar feature of the intertidal seashore that it is easy to take them for granted. Yet these ecologically important habitat-forming seaweeds are increasingly being impacted by climate change. In this special session, four scientists, Ester Serrao, Alexander Jeuterbock, Stuart Jenkins and Paula Lightfoot, will talk about their research into these intriguing organisms. This will be a unique opportunity to find out about current thinking on the ecology and evolution of these seaweeds, ecological niche modelling, habitat monitoring using drone technology and conservation. A session not to be missed.

  • Microalgae and carbon cycling Friday 11am-1pm (Convened by Daniel Thornton and Rupert Perkins)
    Microalgae are found in marine, freshwater, and terrestrial habitats at all latitudes on Earth. They are a taxonomically diverse group of single-celled photosynthetic organisms that play an important role in global biogeochemical cycles and ecosystem function, accounting for an estimated 40 to 50 % of global primary productivity. Presentations in this session will explore processes associated with the physiology and ecology of microalgal carbon cycling and fluxes through ecosystems. The 4 invited speakers for this session are Tammi Richardson (University of South Carolina), Graham Underwood (University of Essex), Kevin Flynn (Swansea) and Stephen Maberly (Centre for Ecology and Hydrology).

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